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JCERIa refereed Journal of Contemporary Educational Research and Innovations, a venture of Vokkaligar Educational TrustJCERI deals with contemporary researches in education related to Methodology of Teaching of various subjects, Correlates of Achievements, Psychological and Sociological relations to Education at the level of schools, colleges and Universities. It is a Journal published in six issues per year, datelined January - February, March - April, May - June, July - August, September - October and November - December. Each issue contains about 15 articles.

All of our published authors control the copyrights to their published articles in JCERI. Others who wish to reprint anything they see in this journal should contact the original author directly for permission. When referencing any published articles from this Journal, please credit JCERI as the original publisher and include the URL of the JCERI publication in your credits and citations.

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